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What we do

out·of·home ad·ver·tis·ing:

  out of home advertising (or OOH advertising) is advertising that

  reaches the consumer while they are outside the home



  providing professional or expert advice


Out-Of-Home Media Consultants provides consulting and media services in the Out-Of-Home Industry to Advertisers, Agencies & Buying Services, as well as Media Owners(Vendors).


For Vendors:

If you are a Media Owner(Vendor) and feel as though you are being looked over by buyers, OOHMC will make sure you are put in all the right places to be found, update your marketing materials and train your sales staff to position your inventory to land those blue chip advertisers.


For Advertisers/Agencies:

OOHMC provides freelancing services to manage your OOH campaigns(Strategy, Planning, Buying, Production, etc). I can easily integrate into your Media Department and act as your OOH Media Specialist and manage any size campaign on a local, regional or national basis.


For Buying Services:

If you are a Media Buying Service that is shorthanded and need additional support for a campaign, OOHMC can assist in the Strategy, Planning and Buying on a short or long term basis.



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